It’s unfortunate that three of our city councilmen were absent for the city’s scheduled council meeting on Wednesday, holding our city hostage which appears to be for their own agendas.

I personally find this conduct disrespectful to the citizens of Hammond and the business community.

The city had a full agenda; businesses needing approvals to move forward, city purchases to be made, city work needing approval, approvals for the mayor to enter into contracts for city business, resolution providing for canvassing the returns and declaring the result of the special election recently held, and the ordinance to adopt the adjusted millage rates for the general alimony, fire, police and public works which are date sensitive.

Missing these votes from the council will cause extra expenses for the city. Not to mention the time wasted in preparation. I feel like we’ve been "played."

I failed to mention the items on the agenda of the three absent councilmen: a resolution asking the mayor to remove the police chief from office and a resolution to initiate an investigation into the mayor’s appointment of the police chief. It’s interesting to me how the councilmen propose these resolutions but are unable to show up to face the citizens of Hammond.

And yes, it was standing room only.

I find it unprofessional and unethical for councilmen to put their personal agendas on the forefront.

These "absences" were an embarrassment to our city. I hope when their terms are up, Hammond citizens vote for the mature, professional and responsible candidates in these districts that put the people of Hammond first.

Thank you, Carlee Gonzales and Steve Leon, for being present and representing your districts. Your service is greatly appreciated.

What can you do? File a complaint with the state board of ethics. Or contact the councilmen and share your frustration with their behavior.

They can reached by email:

Last but not least, vote them out next term.

Michelle Gallo lives in District 2.

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Linda Ross

I agree with Michele Gallo. This lack of a quorum was planned and is disrespectful to the citizens of Hammond.

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