The Daily Star needs to do better with its reporting on transgender issues. Black trans women are among the most disenfranchised populations with an average lifespan of only 35 years. Recently, two black trans women were murdered in Louisiana, Draya McCarty and Shakie Peters.

When posting to Facebook about these women's murders, The Daily Star used their dead names and misgendered them. When members of the community (many of whom are simply seeking dignity in death for these poor women) advocated for edits to be made to the post, a person who manages the Facebook account cited "grammar." This is an absolutely unacceptable excuse. First, proper AP Style advocates using the pronoun of the transgender person's choice. Secondly, even if using the correct gender and pronouns was technically a grammar issue, grammar is not more important than human dignity and respect.

Grammar is arbitrary and fluid; it changes with time. And in 2020, let's toss this notion that grammar is more important than respect. Disrespectful reporting on transgender issues such as what the Daily Star has presented contributes to high suicide rates and violence that transgender people face on a daily basis.

My request is that the Daily Star journalists take a long hard look at themselves, understand why they are wrong and that they have harmed the people they were reporting on and ensure that this never happens again.

— Melanie Mann, Hammond

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