In response to a letter in your Oct. 3 issue, I would like to say to the writer, I can't agree with you about freeloaders. I love freeloaders.

I am an expert in economics. As a sophomore in college I was required to take Economics 101. I only listened half the time, so I guess that makes me a half-expert, but I still feel qualified to comment.

Manufacturers have tremendous expenses: initial investment costs, equipment costs, maintenance and replacement of equipment,, salaries (pretty good salaries) etc. etc. etc. They are permitted to write off such expenses. That seems fair. They then pay taxes on what remains. That's fair.

What's the problem? By the way, I am a freeloader. I was a state employee for 30 years. My pay was only half as much as I was worth so I just worked half the time.

When I retired I only received half the benefit I desired, so I only do half the work my wife wants me to do. In addition, I am also hen-pecked.

On a more serious note, please do your research. Go to Pew Research or some other reputable researcher and get the facts on who pays the most taxes. You will find that it is 2 percent of the all the people in the country. The richest!

I guarantee that it will change your mind, or maybe not. You have to be willing to learn.

Gary Varnado, Kentwood

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