My home stores were running out, and I went out for a brief shop. There were two shoppers without a mask. I asked one if she left her mask in her car, and she said no.

After a brief exchange she said, "Then I'll just have to get sick."

The market management said they don't enforce the mask mandate.

Encountering a man at my corner-neighborhood mailbox, after a brief discussion about people dying, he said, "I hope so."

Do people feel so miserable, with too little control in their life, that the simple life-saving measure of mask wearing is just too much that they revolt, showing no respect for themselves, their loved ones, or the people they encounter.

I would like to think as Americans we’re are better than this. The fabric of my life is better than this.

Please, neighbors, reconsider the fabric of your life and wear a mask.

— Barbara Guy, Ponchatoula

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