In full disclosure, I am a 75-year-old man. I state that so that readers won’t think I’m anti old folks.

As I watched the Senate hearings on the latest nominee for the Supreme Court, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was watching an episode of “The Living Dead.” Why were there so many old folks? Heck, Dianne Feinstein, one of the leading interrogators, and senator from California, is 86 years, 10 months old.

I was curious. Just how many others in their upper senior silver years are calling the shots for a country where the median age of its residents is 38.2?

After some research I discovered, to my horror, 58 out of a total of 100 senators currently serving in Congress are over the age of 65, 38 are over age 70, and 12 exceed the age of 80. In fact, the average age of half of our senators is 73.5. And none of these elderly folks are bound by the same obstacles as the general public when it comes to societal needs, particularly as related to health care.

They all have a unique health insurance plan, funded by taxpayers’ money which is exclusive to them. Those 65 and older don’t have to rely on Medicare, Obamacare, or any other Medicare Advantage Plan, and no- out- of- pocket drug plan. They are chauffeured around in tax-payer funded automobiles while in Washington, D.C., and on top of that get paid big bucks. Their salary being $174,000 per year plus the ability to earn an additional 15 percent of their annual salary on other “outside” work. They are also allowed an additional tax deduction of up to $3,000 for living expenses.

Additionally, many hold this job for a long time, some as long as a whopping 45 years.

Does this sound like someone who identifies with you?

And let’s not forget about the ages of the current individuals vying for the office of President. Trump is 74 and Biden is 77. Just where have all the young folks gone? And with all this commotion about the mental acuity of Joe Biden, what about all those old folks in the Senate?

Sadly, there is not enough space to discuss our esteemed members of the House of Representatives, but the oldest champion there is Rep. Don Young, from Alaska, 86 years, 11 months old. He has been in Congress for 53 years.

Now I’m not in any way implying that old folks can’t continue to make productive contributions to society, but there is an element of being “in tune” with the society that exists today if you are to serve as a representative for addressing its needs.

It’s time to step back and let our kids take over even though we might be at odds with them. This can never occur with the present election system we have. Age limits and true term limits need to be implemented.

We already have term limits for the President of the U.S. He/she can’t serve for more than eight consecutive years. So why are our legislators, that supposedly represent our current society, exempt?

We need to stop re-electing folks that truly are not representative of our populace and are for the most part “out of tune.” Stop relying on name recognition as the major factor influencing your vote. The younger generation in this country need to wake up. It’s time to put the old folks out to pasture.

Jim Anderson lives in


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