First, I am very concerned that the Daily Star does not have a comprehensive article discussing and condemning the anti-American horror that occurred in D.C. on Wednesday.

But, beyond that oversight, it should be understood that if anyone is unhappy with our government, you are allowed to leave the country, because, so far, it is still a free country.

Anthropologists say that when a tribal member "messes in the tent," they are ostracized for negative behavior by being sent out of society. A lot of "tent messing" happened in the Capital on Wednesday.

Further, it is appallingly disgusting to hear platitudes in this newspaper from Sen. Kennedy, when he voted against a free and fair election. He and his followers and Rep. Scalise and his, need to re-examine their misguided understanding of the Constitution and rules of law that exist to keep us fair and free.

Crying when you don't get your way is the stuff of 4 year olds.

At this juncture, Sen. Kennedy and Rep. Scalise are a detriment to Louisiana's ability to ever become more than 49th. In terms of math, that means Louisiana is currently a loser.

I encourage everyone to take a breath and seriously take a civics course!

— Irene Nero, Hammond

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