I still remember the month and year my whole life changed. October 2014.

It was that year that my 4-year-old daughter Sahara was diagnosed with cancer, A Wilm's tumor. We were sent to a heart doctor after her temperature would not go down.

Doctor Lauren Haddad was the wonderful woman who found the tumor. Sahara was in the hospital for a week to remove the tumor.

Our Lady of the Lake Hospital is a great place where they are knowledgeable about childhood cancer. They were successful in removing the tumor. After a week's stay in the hospital, we went home. She started her chemotherapy.

Within weeks of starting chemo, she began to lose all of her hair. She had beautiful long black curls.

I think I took the hair loss harder than she did.

During the six months of chemotherapy, she was a little scared, but strong and happy because she had my husband and me there with her every step of the way.

Over the next six years, she had to go to the doctor to be tested to make sure the tumor didn't grow back. We were blessed that all of the tests always came back clear.

Now Sahara is 11 years old. She is so healthy and strong, and I am happy to say her doctor has released her from having to do her yearly appointments because he is sure cancer will not grow back at this point.

I would like to thank all the doctors and nurses at Our lady of the Lake hospital.

I would especially like to thank Dr. Lauren Haddad for putting the heart scope on her stomach. I want to thank everyone else who went on this journey with us.

St. Jude is a lifesaver. They do take care of everything for the families with children with cancer. I'm so grateful to them.

Just know this: You can come out something like this. There is a rainbow on the other side of the storm.

— Tonya Tijerina, Holden

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