The Democratic Party has moved so far left it should drop the Democratic Socialist label claimed by many of its major campaign staff and just call itself "The Socialist Party." If there is any doubt, review the policy positions Biden has agreed to adopt with Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the radical left.

In an interview with the New Yorker, former President Barack Obama said, “If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and Bernie Sanders’ goals, they’re not that different, from a forty-thousand-foot level. They both want to make sure everybody has health care. They want to make sure everybody can get a job that pays a living wage. They want to make sure every child gets a good education.”

Biden said he would be the most progressive (liberal) president to ever be elected.

An equally important issue in this election, the next president could appoint one or more Supreme Court justices. Chief Justice Roberts, appointed by President George W. Bush, has been a disappointment to conservatives and constitutional originalists. The chief justice apparently decided he will wear the mantle of the swing vote as he has sided with the four liberal members in important 5-4 decisions.

Because Supreme Court justices have lifetime appointments, the next president will be able to influence the court and the direction of American life for generations.

A Trump victory could offset Roberts' influence and return the court to interpretation of the law and stop the legislating from the bench. The left has used judicial activism to have judges enact legislation through court rulings to pass an agenda they could not pass through Congress. Biden, a puppet of the radical left, would appoint judges that follow the judicial activism path. A dangerous situation.

— Ron Chapoton, Hammond

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