Master teacher Jill Foster shows the public school system’s new virtual platform to Tangipahoa Parish School Board members and the public at the board meeting Tuesday.

The general public has finally gotten its first look at the new virtual platform Tangipahoa Parish School System staff have been working on since late March in anticipation of the upcoming school year.

At Tuesday’s school board meeting, Sharon Spring, Dina Spears and Jill Foster, three district employees who played a big part in the platform’s creation, revealed how the product will look when students begin logging in next week.

The virtual platform will be rolled out to teachers Friday, said Superintendent Melissa Stilley.

Teachers will spend four full days, beginning today, in virtual professional developments that prioritize what they need to know for the new school year, she said.

“It’s the same curriculum. It’s the same math problems. It’s the same text that we’ve been using for ELA ...,” said Jill Foster, master teacher. “We just built it into a digital format for all teachers and students.”

All students whether in traditional, blended or fully virtual setting will have access to the virtual platform, she said. They will also have access to interactive notebooks, lessons and video instruction on the platform for core classes.

Students will be able to go to a slide when the teacher Zoom calls them, as well as go back and forth to the digital notebook to write their answers, which requires clicking on a box and typing in the answer. Teachers can also give feedback and comment on what the student is answering, she said.

Assessments have been built into the digital format so teachers can give students an assignment or quiz with a start and an end time. To prevent cheating on tests, teachers can use programs installed on the district’s Chrome books, such as Go Guardian which allows teachers to watch students as they test. Chrome books’ browsers can be locked down during certain assignments and tests, preventing students from looking up answers on other tabs, she said.

Science and social studies has its own student website with built-in text, curriculum materials and other content that can be accessed with student log-in information. Students will follow along to the website in an interactive digital notebook where they double click to type answers, she said.

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