On May 10, 88 students graduated from Jewel M. Sumner High School in a ceremony on the school’s football field.

Students faced many challenges over the past year leading up to this milestone.

The year began virtual, which was new for both students and their teachers. Connectivity issues due to the rural area also presented challenges. While students transitioned back into a blended model of learning and then eventually into mostly traditional learning on campus, social distancing and quarantining remained, along with mask mandates, no clubs, few fun activities and reduced sports events.

They achieved despite these challenges.

All students had submitted their FAFSA by Feb. 1, and all eligible seniors graduated with at least one Statewide Recognized Industry-Based Certification.

A total of $92,000 in scholarships were awarded to Class of 2021 students. One student, Richard Lee, signed to play ball at McNeese State University. Seth Jones enlisted in the US Army.

Top students included Angela Pan, Camryn St. Alexandre, Jocelyn Stewart, Grace Stokes, Shelby Wall, Sydney Lee, Cheyenne Hyde, Haileigh Sharkey, Lane McCullough and Danielle Cetta.

To prepare students planning to continue on with higher education, Sumner High worked with each student to submit a FAFSA, teamed up with Career Compass to aid students in the application process, as well as explaining the cost effectiveness for each option. Jumpstart graduates got to take the ACT WorkKeys to help with TOPS Tech eligibility.

All seniors heading directly into the workforce graduated with statewide industry-based certifications, including ASE auto, scaffolding, Logistics and Adobe Suite. Sumner High also offered all seniors the ability to take ACT WorkKeys Workforce Ready exam.

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