Strawberry farmer Trey Harris went out to his fields Thanksgiving morning to give thanks for his beautiful crop and to protect it against the impending rainy weekend.

He and his workers secured long sheets over the white blooms.

A Ponchatoula businessman, Harris said he markets and promotes Louisiana strawberries for all Louisiana strawberry farmers.

Local strawberries are already in the stores, and Harris predicts there will be plenty for Christmas.

He and his workers have been picking assorted varieties of berries since Nov. 10, he said.

“The plants are healthy, healthy,” he said proudly as he looked at the blooms. “They have real big stems – that means big strawberries. I’m real excited about this year coming up.”

Harris said he could not express enough thanks to the people who help him and his wife, Rachel, with their farm operations.

“Those guys are the backbone of this situation,” he said.

He and his wife have been working the J.C. Blahut farm for four years.

“Mr. Blahut passed away a couple of years ago, but he taught us a lot about strawberries,” Harris said. “Also Rachel and I have our own farm we bought.”

Becoming aligned with Rouse’s supermarkets four years ago has been a great blessing, he added.

The National Weather Service predicts thunderstorms for this area through Sunday night with wind gusts as much as 25 mph, high temperatures near 70 and lows between 40 and 60 degrees.

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