The Louisiana Department of Health announced Monday that 486 providers across the state will get shares of Louisiana’s allocation of COVID-19 vaccines this week.

The list of providers, including contact information to make appointments, can be found on the health department’s website. The site also lists community vaccination events.

Residents can call the state’s new COVID-19 vaccine hotline with questions or to get help scheduling appointments. The number is 1-855-453-0774 and is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from noon to 8 p.m. Sunday. Those with general COVID-19 questions can dial 211 for assistance.

State officials said they expected to get 64,350 first doses of the Pfizer vaccine, 47,000 first doses of the Moderna vaccine and 8,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson this week. Those totals do not include doses the federal government provides directly to pharmacies. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses to get the full benefit.

A recent survey found almost one-third of state residents, including almost half of Republicans, had no intention of getting vaccinated, though state officials said more people are growing comfortable with the idea as more people they know get immunized.

Almost 2.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in Louisiana as of Monday’s update and more than 966,000 people had been fully vaccinated, the health department reported. The state has an estimated population of about 4.65 million.

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