Scholarship recipient revisits garden club

Linda Ryan, at right, introduces Karen Blackburn as speaker for the Hammond Garden Club meeting in April. The topic was Super Plants.

“Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves are telling secrets. Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows around the trunks, and their roots give names to all things.”

Isn’t that beautiful! Wish I knew where I retrieved that from; hopefully it was an “unknown author” as I wouldn’t want not to give someone credit for lines so pretty and so descriptive of the beginning of Spring here in Hammond.

If it wouldn’t be for the excessive rain causing problems I would say we are having a wonderful “Day In The Neighborhood” this Spring!

Our April meeting was so blessed because we had as our speaker Karen Blackburn who also happened to be the recipient of our Scholarship Award a few years back. She was a bit troubled because her computer would not work to allow pictures about her talk on Super Plants and she had to tell us of their beauty just by vocalizing and that is pretty hard to sound out the beauty of flowers and their blooms without pictures to show us.

But we learned their names and maybe where to plant them, full sun or shaded by trees or other plants, what fertilizer to use to make their appearance most lovely and where to purchase them, which is more at a Mom and Pop type nursery rather than the large or “Big Box” nurseries.

We also learned of new plants like Bandana Lantana which has a pink and yellowish bloom. I love lantana, you can hardly kill it, (that’s my kind of plant)!

Or another type that gets no major diseases, has 15 colors and that is Sun Patiens. She also told us about long blooming, i.e. into the Fall, Verbena and Super-Tunia or trailing Petunias!

So many beautiful sounding plants to try, with the instructions of what and where to plant them … We should all have gorgeous prize-winning gardens if we pay attention to Ms. Blackburn’s guidance on planting!

If we have any further problems we can go to the Master Gardeners website at

When Ms. Blackburn had answered questions from the membership President Sue Parrill broke for lunch which again lunch at Oak Knoll Country Club is always delicious … we get to pick off the menu whatever we want thanks to Mary Monteleon and the ladies serving us.

After lunch Sue called on the chairpersons for their reports, Phyllis DiBenedetto for letting us know all about our debits and credits and how we stand at the bank. Pat Graves told us about the beautiful gardens at the home of Sal and Judy Durante at 601 N. General Patton for the April Garden of the Month Award and Linda Ross reported no Link Award for April.

Glenda Nelson told us about a Keep Hammond Beautiful Meeting on April 24 at MLK Park and the annual Hazardous Waste Recycle Day May 1.

Kathleen Bohlinger reported on Arbor Day festivities and all the children wanting to pull the flowers off the peach tree as it was being planted at Trafton Academy.

Pat Graves reminded us that Wednesday will be the beginning of Arts In Bloom at the New Orleans Museum of Art. She and Linda Ryan are entering their arrangement in conjunction with the art they were given. Good luck, ladies!

There being no further business nor “monkey business” to discuss, Sue thanked all for attending and declared the meeting was completed.

The Hammond Garden Club is a proud member of District VI, Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc. and the Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc. doing our best to unify and beautify our homes, gardens, our city and our nation every day to the best of our ability. God bless Hammond and God bless America!

Linda Broussard lives in Hammond.

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