Rescued pelican

Tim McCullough, who lives on Club Deluxe Road, wants to give a shout-out today to Boat City USA employees Jude Aikman and John Lobdell, who rescued a brown pelican Thursday.

McCullough was fishing for catfish from the deck behind his apartment when a pelican swooped down and got tangled in his line. The more the pelican tried to get free, the more tangled it became.

McCullough said he cut the line to prevent his hook from injuring the pelican. Then, with its wings still wrapped in the line, the bird paddled in the direction of fellow pelicans flocked on a log on the east side of the large pond.

Fearing the bird would eventually starve to death or become easy prey for the 10-foot alligator that resides there, McCullough called upon his neighbor, Boat City USA, for help.

Lobdell and Aikman took a flat boat to reach the struggling pelican, with Lobdell driving and Aikman grabbing the bird in his hands. Aikman said he used a small knife to cut the line, and the freed pelican then flew off to join the others on the log.

McCullough commended the two for going out of their way to rescue the pelican.

This was the first time Aikman and Lobdell rescued a pelican caught in a fishing line, they said, but Boat City workers frequently clear trash from the pond to keep the wildlife safe.

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