Parish Council

Local law enforcement chiefs stand with Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller after receiving plaques from Seniors and Law Enforcement Together of the Earth Heroes. The organization recognized the law enforcement leaders for the hard work they did during the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Tangipahoa Parish Council is moving forward with redistricting its lines to adhere to population changes over the past decade, based on the 2020 US Census.

Meeting Tuesday, the council officially introduced a ruling to declare its current districting plan for its single-member election districts as malapportioned.

In their official capacities as both parish council and fire board members, council members agreed to let Tangipahoa Parish Rural Fire Protection District No. 2 proceed with holding an election March 26 on the renewal its 10-mill, 10-year property tax.

According to officials, the tax is used for improving, maintaining and operating fire protection facilities for Tangipahoa Parish Rural Fire District No. 2, as well as buying its fire trucks and other fire-fighting equipment and paying the cost of obtaining water for its fire protection purposes, including charges for fire hydrant rentals and serve.

If passed, the current tax will continue to be assessed from property in the district through 2033.

Roshanda Johnson, of Independence, was approved as the parish government’s new Human Resources director.

Janet Dennis of Ponchatoula was re-appointed to the Tangipahoa Voluntary Council on Aging. Ethan Dunn of Loranger was appointed to the Tangipahoa Parish Communication District No. 1. Jack Gautreaux of Hammond was re-appointed to the Planning Commission Board.

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together of the Earth Heroes recognized local police chiefs for the hard work they did during the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Other actions taken by the council include introducing the amending of the current fiscal year’s operating and capital outlay budget and introducing an amendment to the planning and development code that addresses standards for subdivisions of property.

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