Nothing wrong with looking one’s age

After reading recent obituaries in the Daily Star I couldn’t help but wonder why has our society becoming more and more repulsed by the slogan, “Growing old gracefully?”

Men and women in our society seem obsessed with hiding or postponing the natural physical changes which occur during the aging process. Sadly, this quest for anti-aging has blossomed into a global industry valued at $55.8 billion in 2020 with a projected value to reach $88.3 billion by 2026.

We have all sorts of anti-aging devices from which to choose. They sweep the gamut from mild ones, which comprise various skin creams, lotions and hair dyes to extreme procedures involving hair plugs, Botox injections, liposuction, tummy tucks, face lifts and silicone implants in various parts of our bodies.

Apparently, even in death folks are not proud of how we have naturally aged.

Why do they include the obituary picture of how someone looked as a child, in high school, college, or at their marriage? I’m not referring to those folks that include two pictures, one young and a recent one, but to those whose only remembrance picture is when the individual was young. To me it almost seems disrespectful. Did we no longer wish to be around this person because they looked old?

I used to joke with my wife about how I needed to discover the anti-aging techniques an individual used when the obituary reported the age as 85 and the picture looked like someone 20 years old.

We like to remember loved ones in obituaries for all that they were while they lived, but maybe that should also include the way they looked in their golden years. Be proud of one’s age-related looks. Take some pictures of them, its natural progression.

– Jim Anderson, Ponchatoula

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