Charles “Bert” Deliberto, candidate for 7th Ward marshal, has filed his finance report with the state Board of Ethics.

According to the state ethics’ board public database, Deliberto filed his 30th day prior to the primary report on Oct. 14. The report was due Oct. 5, and $60 per day late fees began accruing Oct. 6.

According to Deliberto’s filings, he received a total of $30,165 in contributions, as of Sept. 24.

Over $500

Top contributors who donated over $500 to Deliberto’s campaign include: Durham Properties LLC, $1,000; FJS LLC, $1,000; Hammond Mobile Homes LLC, $2,000; Kay-Ray Construction LLC, $2,000; PF Spam LLC, $1,000; Kenneth Pray, $1,000; Rubio Enterprises LLC, $1,000; David Smith, $2,000; and Summit Apartment Management Co., $1,250.

$500 donations

Donors who contributed $500 to Deliberto include: Malcolme Blackwell, Ken Comer Auctioneers of Lake Charles, John Miller, Henry Rocker, Tommy Rocker, Jessica Shirey, Brian Sistrunk, Smith Properties Management, Southeast Peace Officers, Tangi Plastering & Masonry LLC, Treanor MD of Covington.

Less than $500

Contributors who donated amounts less than $500 to Deliberto include: 2105 Rue Simone LLC, Arthur Abadie, Cyndi Abadie, Roy Abadie of Springfield, Tiffany Abadie of Springfield, Mark Addison, Joyce Allen, Wissam Almoqhrabi of Metairie, Matt Alombro, Victor Amayo, Bing Athey, Freddie Baglio, John Bardwell, David Barnes, Ashley Bass, Jami Benton of Baton Rouge, George Bickford, Jason Blanchard, Jessica Bordelon, Star Bordelon, Gary Boutwell, Brian Sharp Inc. of Covington, Pat Browning of Chalmette, Bruce O’Krepki, Tuffy Campbell, Guy Canzoneri, Ann Carruth, Bobby S. Carter, Stephanie Carter, Karen Cashio, Billy Catalano, Gerald Cockerham, David Connelly, Mike Countryman, Mark Davis, Pat Davis, Terri Demarco, Don Chaucer’s Pharmacy, Patricia Dwyer and Ronnie Eleser,

Also, Baylor Foto, Kinlyee Foto, Shane Foto, Friends of Bry Layrisson, Billy Fritz, Pablo Garcia of Baton Rouge, Newman Garon, Kye Gaudet of River Ridge, Angel Gauthier, Jacob Gauthier, Jennifer Giannobile, Robert Hale of New Orleans, Eddie Hebert, Robin Heinse of Holden, Sarah Hodges, Sue Holden, Jason Hood, Doyle Hoover, Lawton Hotard, Jab Investments, James Hartman & Associates of New Orleans, Jeanie’s It’s All Good LLC, Ariel Jones, Chad Keating, Kenneth St. Romain of Cumming Georgia., Jimmy King, La 1st Choice Auto, Saleh Lainoun of Baton Rouge, Keri Larsen, George Lassalle Jr., Jakie Latino, LDC Construction Management, Tyler Leblanc, Lennard Leenders of Picayune Mississippi, Howard Lessiegne of Gretna, Chris Lewis of Folsom and Jared Lyons.

Also, Ricky Mannino, Anthony Manzella, Jeff Martin, Mashon’s Electric, Masters Inc., Brandon Mattingly, Brandon Mattingly, Samantha Mayers, Jim Mayfield, Bobby Mcginnis, Jax Mercante, Margaret Mollega, Ronnie Monistere, Jonathan Moore of Covington, Dennis Morgan, Aaron Morrison, Dillon Morse, Garcia Munoz, Marcelino Munoz, Anthony Musacchia, Chuck Muse, Rob Nethery, Dawson Nettles of Springfield, Carlos Notariano, JC Notariano, Jim Oliver, Guy Palermo, Darrell Pecar, Aaron Pedigo, Logan Perrilloux, Shannon Petz-Musacchia, Noel Poirer, John Poteet, Alan Powell, Lance Power, Mike Poynor, Alan Pradillo, Prine Tree Service, Raborn & Raborn Properties LLC, Rakar LLC, Ty Rende, Russell Ribando, Betty Ribando, Guy Ribando, Kimberly Ribando, Stacey Ribando and Danny Ridgel.

Also, Hilda Rocha, Vince Roubique, Vincent Rusciano, Sampey General Contractors, Lauren Sampey, Bo Sanders, Rusty Sanders, Dwayne Schaffer, Abigail Schneider of Camas Washington, Allie Schnieder of Camas Washington, Lisa Schneider of Camas, Washington, Scott Building Construction LLC, David Shalonis of Lafayette, Buddy Sirikul, Don Sistrunk, Jimmy Sparacello, Rob Spitzer, Roland Terrebonne, Alexandre Theroit, Terrell Thompson, Tickfaw 51 Auto Sales LLC, Price Tommy, Michelle Trapen of Baton Rouge, Trippi Law Firm LLC, Larry Tycer, Wayne Tyson, Gil Vuljoin, Mary Vuljoin, Randy Welch of Oakdale, Walter Williams of New Orleans, Jason Wilson and Ralph Wood.

Deliberto reports he borrowed a $1,000 loan from himself for the campaign.

Expenditures for his campaign totaled $26,069 during this period.

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