There is a reason absentee ballots have not been received. They are only now being sent out.

Confusion has arisen over registered voters wondering about the status of their requested mail-in ballots. Tangipahoa Parish Registrar of Voters Andi Matheu has decided to address these concerns head on, revealing that no one has received their ballot, but that will soon change.

The ballots are now complete and all mail ballot requests have been fulfilled and are being delivered to the post office today, Matheu said.

The local registrar’s office received ballots from the State late last week. While staff promptly began processing them, doing so takes time, manpower and teamwork.

“We have worked tirelessly for several days with the help of employees from the Clerk of Court and Assessors offices,” Matheu said. “Without their help we would still be stuffing ballots and probably wouldn't have finished until next week.”

The registrar’s office is now in the process of processing recent registration and mail ballot request applications that came in last week while they were busy filling those applications received prior.

“Louisiana will handle their mail ballots the same way we have always done, according to law,” Matheu said. “The one exception is from the court ruling that states the temporary covid application must be made available to voters for the November election (available on our website).”

Anyone who is currently in the mail program will continue to receive their ballots for every election they are eligible for the dates requested on their application, she added.

Whether registering by mail or online, the registrar’s office will not contact a voter unless they are missing information or clarification is needed.

Matheu suggests voters going to to verify registration information and to see the status of their mail ballot.

Requests for a mail ballot can still be made through Oct. 30. Once received, mail ballots can be dropped off in-person at the Hammond or Amite office or sent to these local Registrar of Voters offices by mail.

“If you vote your mail ballot when you receive it and mail it back in a timely manner, we should get your ballot back in plenty of time before the election,” Matheu said.

The deadline to return a mail ballot to Tangipahoa Parish Registrar of Voters Office is 4:30 p.m. the day before the election. The Presidential Election is on Nov. 3, so mail ballots must be received back Nov. 2.

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