Kentwood High announces homecoming court

Kentwood High Homecoming Court members are, from left, seated Na’Asia Brumfield (12), Jaylen Dorsey (12), Tuvoria Hill (12), Jhailyn Pillows (12), Tamara Williams (12); middle row, Tyler Colbert (12), Carmel Taylor (12), Destini Bunch (11), Diamond Mack (11), Tahlia Carter (10), Zy’Kevia Cook (10), Kamaree Cryer (10), Deziah Steele (10), Will Dunn (12); and top row, Laila Persons (9), Simayra Robinson (9), A’Mya Womack (8), Violaysha Cohn (7), Ania Franklin (7), Bry’Laciya Terrell (7)

On the Kentwood High School Homecoming Court are the following students:

Seniors Na’Asia Brumfield, Jaylen Dorsey, Tuvoria Hill, Jhailyn Pillows, Tamara Williams, Tyler Colbert , Carmel Taylor and Will Dunn

Juniors Destini Bunch , Diamond Mack,

Sophomores Tahlia Carter, Zy’Kevia Cook, Kamaree Cryer, Deziah Steele,

Freshmen Laila Persons, Simayra Robinson,

Eighth grader A’Mya Womack and

Seventh graders Violaysha Cohn, Ania Franklin, Bry’Laciya Terrell.

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