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Donors fund local campaigns

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With the November election quickly approaching, candidates have had to meet their first deadline of reporting financial contributions and expenditures.

The 30th day prior to primary report was due to the State Board of Ethics on Monday. All but one local candidate who is required to file has done so.

As of Thursday, Charles “Bert” Deliberto, candidate for 7th Ward Marshal, had not yet filed his financial report. Deliberto confirmed that he has received contributions, and his information is being processed to send to the board. It should be there in a few days, he said.

Kathleen Allen with the Board of Ethics said candidates whose required reports have not been received are sent a letter within four days of being late, informing them that their report has not been received and that, as of Tuesday, per day late fees are being assessed, Allen said.

According to the state ethics’ board public database, incumbent 7th Ward Marshal “Pat” Farris, reported that his contributions totaled $28,250, as of Sept. 24.

Top contributors of at least $1,000 to Farris’ campaign include: the Daniel Edwards Campaign Acct., $1,000; Leisa Deblieux, $1,000; Dixie RV, $1,000; Mary Ann Farris, $1,000; Greenland Enterprises, $1,000; Stephen Guidry of Mandeville, $1,000; Harry McKneely and Son, $1,000; David Monteleone of Metairie, $1,500; and Pierce Aviation, $2,500.

Donors who contributed between $500-$999 to Farris include: Air Management, $500; Boudreux’s Brick and Stucco, $800; Clean Title, $500; Carole Dahmer, $500; Dudley Downey, $500; Advantage Financial Services, $550; Edwards Law Firm, $500; Kathy Harrell, $500; Fenzi Real Estate Investments of Covington, $600; Dennis James, $900; Jana King Gulf Coast, $500; Jason Ard Sheriff Campaign Fund of Livingston, $500; Destin Sims, $600; Speed Stiel, $500; and Scott Vaughn, $500.

Contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Farris include: Gary Achord, Linda Achord, Ryan Alfonso, Athalie Allen, Virgil Allen, American Bank and Trust, American Tennis, Gwen Anderson, Chris Bagwell, Gerald Baham, Kerry Balado, Carl Ball, Stacy Ball, Kiley Bates, Crystal Boudreaux, Shawn Boudreaux, Mike Burner, Elaine Burris, Marilyn Burt, Larry Byers, Angie Carrington of Springfield, Century Financial, CGC Specialties, Brett Chatelain of Baton Rouge, City Glass, Charlotte Dahmer, Jamene Dahmer, Mercia Dahmer of Lafayette, Miriam Dahmer, Gerard Dawson, Randy Depaula of Springfield, Robert Depaula, John Dephillips, Buck Domiano, Jonathan Fawer of New Orleans, Claude Fowler, Kevin Fowler, Ward Fowler, Danny Funk, Lesa Funk, and Nick Gagliano.

Other contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Farris include: Don Gagnon, James Gagnon, Raymond Galatis, Wilson Gatlin, Charles Genco, Robbi Giannobile, Gold Leaf, Cassidy Gorman, Goudeau Insurance, HD Riverstop of Springfield, Troy Helm, Barry Hoover, Hilton Hoover, Doug Johnson Insurance, Englade Investments, Jamestown Mitigation, Warren Kinchen, Paul Laurent, Gurley Maurin, Jerry McDowell, Susan McKneely, Lisa Mercante, Wayne Middlebrook, Marian Morris of Mandeville, Jordan Neal of Springfield, Cynthia Newton, Nortech Downtown, NR Wilson and Associates, Stephen Ourso, Barbara Polk, Ponchatoula Credit, Nina Reno, Sheila Reno, Kirk Richard, Danna Robertson, Kevin Rogers, Rosettes, Jolyn Scott, Wallace Sibley, Southern Marine, Speedsigns, Sarah Summers, Barbara Tallo, The Title Source, Vincent Thibodaux, Brandy Travil, David Tucker, Lonnie Williams, Your Home Team, and Michael P. Zatarain.

Farris reports that he received $40,000 in loans for the campaign – $15,000 from himself and $25,000 from his wife, Tracy D. Farris. Previously, he borrowed $6,510 from himself in December 2019, which the full balance is still due.

Expenditures for Farris’ campaign totaled $35,180 during this period.

According to the state board of ethics public database, Arden Wells reported he received zero contributions and had no expenditures, as of Sept. 24, for his campaign to become 7th Ward City Marshal.

Judges’ race

Both incumbent Grace Bennett Gasaway and John Watts reported their total campaign finances for Hammond City Court Judge to the state board of ethics.

According to the state board of ethics public database, as of Sept. 24, donors contributed a total of $63,585 to Gasaway’s campaign.

Top contributors of at least $1,000 to Gasaway include: Advantage Financial Services, $1,000; Edward Amar, $1,000; Ashley Bass, $1,000; A. Bradley Berner, $1,000; Bill Hood Ford, $1,000; Care Inc., $1,000; Cashe Coudrain & Bass LLP, $2,500; Fayard & Honeycutt of Denham Springs, $1,000; John I. Feduccia, $1,200; James Griffith, $2,500; Harry McKneely & Son, $1,200; Henry C. Eyre Jr. PE INC. of Baton Rouge, $2,500; Etta Licciardi, $2,500; Gordon Matheny, $1,250; National Public Opinion LLC of Pass Christian Miss., $2,500; Oak Suite LLC, $1,000; Plantation Management of Denham Springs, $2,000; Brandon Recotta, $2,500; and Patricia Westmoreland, $1,100.

Guy Recotta donated $600 to Gasaway’s campaign. The following donors contributed $500 to the campaign: C. Hugh Tarver Jr. & Associates Inc. of Alexandria, Timothy Davis, Chance Enmon, Lila Hogan, Jani King Gulf Coast, B. Douglas Johnson, JPL Office LLC, J. Parker Layrisson, “JR” Matheu, Thomas Mckellar, Sarah Mitchell, Moody Law Firm, Edwin Neill, Judith Nesser, Bruce O’Krepki, Noela A. Poirier, Kenneth Pray, Craig J. Robichaux of Mandeville, Rolling Perrilloux & Sledge, Tycer Heirs Separate Property LLC, and TC Spangler Jr.

Contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Gasaway are: Airport Road Welding Services LLC, Alexis Ducorbier Insurance Agency, Brett Allen, Sandra Anderson of Katy Texas, Ashley Ard, Christopher Bagwell of Albany, Bridget Bailey, Dianne Barber, Renee Barber, Jay Barzenick, Sherry Harris Beall, Judy Beard, Christine Bentley, Kandy Berner, Liz Bickford, Hunter Black, Charles L. Blackwell, Charles M. Blackwell, Michael Blackwell, Boogieland Music, Grady Brame, Kent Breard Jr. of Monroe, Fay Bright, Ricky Brooks, Annette Jackson Brown, Charles Vrumfield, Gaynell Brumfield, Debbie Brunett, Tonya Busch, Gisele Cali, Ginger Cangelosi, Dr. Patsy Causey, Clement Plumbing Co. LLC, Judy Cordoba, Angel Cortez, Osman Crain, Crescent Bar, Mary Beth Crovetto, David B. Danel, Charles Darnell, Alice Sue Davis, Daniel Davis of Houston, Diane M. Davis, Kristin Davis of Houston, Patrick Davis of Madisonville, Shannon Davis of Madisonville, Jeff Day, Robert Day, and D.T. Deblieux.

Other contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Gasaway are: Charles J. Deliberto, Dennis’ Truck & Tractor Inc., Kristi Dickens of Springfield, DiVittorio Law Office, Donna Dixon, Francis Donner, Roger Doody, Deirdre C. Dore, Connie Dotey, Douglas Kent Jeweler Inc., Alexis Drude, Charlie Ducombs of Madisonville, Rick Durham, Ed’s Plumbing & Mechanical LLC, Jonathan Ernst, Morris Evans, Morris Evans Jr., Wanda Evans, James Fabre of Springfield, Brandon Fletcher, Myra Florentine of Scottsdale Ariz., Michael Forbes, Elizabeth Fritz and Nick Gagliano.

Other contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Gasaway are: Thomas A. Galloway, Gasaway- Gasaway- Bankston, Andrew Gasaway Jr., Carl Gauthier, Charles Giannobile, Amanda Gordon, Deborah Greer, Jessen Gregory of Denver Colo., Lee Grisham, Guerin Agency Inc., Nanette Guerin, Brian Hannah, Amy Harrell of Tustin, California, Bridget R. Hebert, Jessica Helm, Don Helms of Springfield, Frank Henchy, Timi Henderson, Richard Henry, Chucky Hinshaw, Terri Hinshaw, Cathie Hollie, Amy Hood, Jason Hood, Kirk M. Hood, Jodee Hoover, Russell Hoover, Chantel Imes, Faye Ivanyisky, Kirk Jackson, Elmer Johnson, Ariel Jones, Rita Jones, Bernadette Kemp, Kent-Mitchell-Bus Sales LLC, Warren Kinchen, Maggie Klein, Martha Klein, Dorothy Kuebler, Elizabeth Lafargue and Joey Lamonte.

Other contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Gasaway are: Law Office of Carlee Gonzales, Karen Lea, Jennifer Lee, Renetta Leverett, Christie Licciardi of Pass Christian Miss., Jason Licciardi Jr., Jenna Licciardi, Stacey Licciardi, Ron Macaluso, Bobby S. Marshall, Marley Marten of Covington, Donna Mcarthur, Shaun McArthur, Haley Mcmillion, J.P. Miller, Lorraine Miller, Lucy Miller, Sandy Miller, Suzanne Miller, Christopher Moody, Paige Moody, Marsha Moore, Jennifer Morgan, Charles Muse, Ross Neill, Dr. James Nelson, Mark Nettles, Nita Gorrell LLC, North Cypress Fitness, Jeffery Oescher, Donna Olivia, Jason Oller, Carlene Ott, Patenotte Pool & Spa, Jacqueline Pecararo, Tommy Pecararo, Kathy Pittman, Donald Price of Baton Rouge, Justin Proctor, Pujol Pryor & Irwin of Gonzales, Diane Rabalais, Mary C. Ragan, Eddie Joe Reese, Brad Roberts, Christy Rohner, Dennis Rollette, Reginald Sanders, Robert Scates and Jeanine Scherer.

Other contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Gasaway are: Frank Sciortino, Scott’s Pharmacy, Jenel Seacrease, Rhonda Sheridan, Sandra Destin Sims, Andrea Smith, Barabara Smith, Donna F. Smith, Elsbet Smith, Shirley C. Smith, Melissa Stanga of Madisonville, Harry H. Starnes, Ashley Sumrall, Tangi Electric & Maintenance Co., Tangi Industrial Sales, Ron Taylor, Sarah Taylor, TCC Rentals LLC, Wilfred M. Tompkins, Tony’s Tire and Automotive Inc., Brandi Treuil, Trippi Law Firm, UBA Mechanical LLC, Gilbert Vuljoin, Kim West, Patricia Westmoreland, Melissa White, Carol Wiggins, Michael Wiley of Gulf Shores Ala., Daniel Williams, Yeager-Lana-Tauzier LLC and Michael Zatarain.

Charles Ciolino donated $1,500 worth of in-kind contributions to Gasaway when he hosted a campaign kickoff coffee. Event Advantage donated $1,500 worth of in-kind contributions when it provided catering services for a fish fry fundraiser.

Expenditures for Gasaway’s campaign totaled $62,015.

According to the state board of ethics public database, as of Sept. 24, donors contributed a total of $17,950 to Watts’ campaign. Watts also received $60,000 in loans during this period, all from himself.

Top contributors of at least $1,000 to Watts include: Chateau Properties of Louisiana of Prairieville, $2,500; Sherman Mack of Albany, $2,500; Joe Arthur Sims, $2,500; Stein’s Asset Management, $2,000; Tropical Pools, $1,000; and Owen Watts, $2,500.

Donors who contributed between $500-$999 to Watts include: Anthon Chiropractic Clinic, $500; Don Gagnon, $500; Larry Johnson, $500; Scott Kennedy, $500; Lacaze Moss & Company of Metairie, $500; Lakeshore Roofing and Construction, $500; and Barry Smith, $500.

Contributors who donated any amount less than $500 to Watts are: Virgil Allen, Brad Blouin, Dichristina Flooring, Englade Investments, Pete Espina Jr. and Fay Zachary.

Expenditures for Watts’ campaign totaled $30,040.

Other races

Candidates for local elections were not required to file with the state’s board of ethics, except under a few circumstances.

According to the State Board of Ethics, candidates running for offices lower than the district level are not required to file contributions with the State, unless they receive contributions from any one source, other than their own, over $200 or they spend more than $2,500 total.

According to the state board of ethics public database, as of Sept. 24, donors contributed a total of $830 to “Don” Marshall’s campaign for Constable Justice of the Peace Ward 8. Expenditures for his campaign totaled $805.

Marshall is the top contributor of his own campaign with his donations totaling $780. Brian Marsolan of Ponchatoula donated $50 to the campaign.

According to the state board of ethics public database, following are donations of more than $500 for the listed candidates:

As of Oct. 4, donors contributed a total of $4,800 to Richard “Ricky” Ardillo’s campaign for Amite City Mayor. Expenditures for his campaign totaled $4,262.

Top contributors to Ardillo’s campaign include: Jonah Ballow, $1,000; Timothy Ridgel of Tickfaw, $750; Cindy Ridgel of Tickfaw, $750; Southland Grid Structure of Greensburg, $1,000; and Kenn Ardillo, $500.

As of Sept. 24, donors contributed a total of $3,300 to Lendrick “Len” Francois’ campaign for Amite City’s Chief of Police. Expenditures of his campaign totaled $7,991.

Top contributors to Francois’ campaign include: Ronnie Brewer of Loranger, $500; Cypress Sawmill Inc. of Roseland, $750; Charles Genco, $500; and Jim’s Paint Body & Glass LLC of Independence, $500.

As of Oct. 5, donors contributed a total of $1,050 to Ray Francois’ campaign for Roseland’s Chief of Police. Expenditures of his campaign totaled $671.

The top contributor to Francois’ campaign was Ballard Petroleum Inc. with a $500 donation.

As of Sept. 24, donors contributed a total of $9,450 to Claire Bel’s campaign for Amite City District 3 Council Member. Expenditures for her campaign totaled $2,619.

Top contributors to Bel’s campaign include: Casey Wallace, $500; Innovative Plant Consulting of Kentwood, $1,000; Charles Henry Leadership Pac of Jefferson, $1,000; Cameron Pac of Metairie, $1,000; Friends of Charles Henry of Jefferson, $1,000; River Birch LLC of Avondale, $1,000; Willow LLC of Avondale, $1,000; Scalise for Congress of Jefferson, $1,000; and Frank D’Amico of Slidell, $1,000.

No financial reports were filed in the state board of ethics database for the following local candidates because they did not fall into the exceptions which required them to file: “J.R.” Bardwell for Constable Justice of the Peace Ward 8; Walter Daniels and Jerry Trabona for Mayor Town of Amite City; Wanda “Yodie” McCoy and Gloria Steptoe for Mayor Town of Roseland; Dawn D. Gray, Sheila Martin and Brenda V. Nevels for Mayor Village of Tangipahoa; Patrick M. Murphy for Chief of Police Town of Amite City; Darcey Neal Garrett Sr., Andrew Henderson, Lawrence Jones Jr. and Decarlos Trice for Chief of Police Town of Roseland; Darrell Martin and Jermey Robinson for Chief of Police Village of Tangipahoa; Tracy E. Johnson, Shavanna McCoy, Kevin Robinson, Van Showers, Katina Bates Swington, Sandra W. Turner and Ruthie L. Vernon for Aldermen Town of Roseland; “Pam” Bean, Dawn D. Gray, Reginald D. Johnson, Shanita McKnight, Margaret P. Morris and Willis Smith for Aldermen Village of Tangipahoa; Raymond Brown Jr., “Kris” Hart and Andrew “Kabaka” Johnson for Amite City Council Member District 1; Mark Vining and Emanuel Zanders III for Amite City Council Member District 3; “Neil” Currier and Damon S. Ellzey for Amite City Council Member District 4; and Rose Sumrall and Heather Damitio Howell for Amite City Council Member District 5.

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