Fairview Riverside Park near Madisonville was again the setting for the Northshore Doll Club meeting with participants wearing masks and following Covid-19 safety protocols.

President Kitty Murks’ program was on The Vivandieres, women attached to military regiments, heroic women of that time! She gave a historically accurate and beautiful interpretation of the doll “Hope.”

A member and educator of the international Doll Artisan Guild, Murks is also past president of the guild and has made and created many wonderful dolls whose patterns have been placed in the guild’s official publication, Dolls Beautiful. She has also been editor of that publication. The online presentation was for Oct. 15-17.

For the “Show & Tell” part of the doll club meeting, Pat Sadden showed an Anna Lee doll she acquired and Linda Hebert was delighted with the Dionne Quintuplets original outfits and bonnet she obtained as well one of the original dolls. A set in original outfits and original box can go as high as $250 to $500.

At an estate sale, Cynthia Orgeron had found a 1900s doll in an antique candy box, wardrobe included. She also found an 1890 Kestner doll in a swimsuit in its original box.

All were great finds for members who enjoy searching for collecting dolls.

George Orgeron was chosen to serve as delegate and Cynthia Orgeron as the alternate delegate for the 2021 United Federation of Doll Clubs convention in Baltimore in July.

Murks asked members to come up with suggestions for the souvenir doll for the 2022 Doll Club Luncheon and which charities the club wants to support.

Treasurer Nora Steele, treasurer, gave her report, Murks passed out new membership cards and the club members welcomed guest Margo Delaughter, a former member visiting from Florida and always welcome to visit.

Lunch was a brown bag affair each enjoying their own, and the meeting was adjourned with “Safe travels and stay strong.”

Region Director Alfred Patton set up the November meeting through Zoom. The Christmas luncheon will be held again at White Oaks Estate.

Evelyn Lott Sanders is publicity chair for the Northshore Doll Club.

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