Crovettos to return on TV show in April

CROVETTO FAMILY ON ‘FAMILY FEUD’ — From left are Greg, dad Kevin, Alexandra, Mary Anna and mom Mary Beth Crovetto on the set of “Family Feud.”

The Crovetto family lost the “Family Feud” episode on the WUPL television channel Tuesday night, but Mary Beth Crovetto was quick to reassure fans that the family will be back on the show in April.

“I know you’re disappointed that we didn’t win tonight,” said Crovetto, principal of Ponchatoula Junior High School, on a social media post. “But now I can tell you the rest of the story!!

“As we walked backstage, the producer said, ‘We loved your family! We would like you to stay and try again!!”

“So, we stayed!!” she said, “and we did REALLY WELL.”

On Tuesday’s episode, the Crovettos made an immediate hit when shiny-headed host Steve Harvey asked what women, when placing an ad for a date, might list as a requirement, and Mary Beth Crovetto shouted out, “Hair!”

Alexandra Covetto’s exchange with Harvey about finding “the perfect man” was another example of the fun the Crovettos sparked in the episode.

For those who might have missed Tuesday night’s episode and are looking for it on YouTube, it was season 22 episode 20-041.

The next episodes featuring the Crovetto family are scheduled to start airing April 28.

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