Tangipahoa Parish’s ballots have been counted and victors decided in all but three local races. The top two vote-getters in those three races will be back on the ballot Dec. 5 for a run-off election.

Both 7th Ward Marshal candidates, Pat Farris and Charles “Bert” Deliberto, recently submitted reports to the state ethics board, revealing a look back at expenses and contributions thus far for their campaign.

According to Farris’ 10th day prior to primary report, donors contributed $850 to his campaign between Sept. 25 and Oct. 14. They include Rainbow of Hammond, $500; Fritz Anderson, $300; and Mark Perrin, $50.

According to Deliberto’s report for the same time period, donors contributed $3,980. They include: Lawson-Bone’t Construction Inc, $1,000; Hammond Mobile Homes LLC, $550; B&E Enterprises LLC, $500; Courtney Dibenedetto, $500; and smaller contributions from Morris Evans, Legendary Leadership Consultants of Mandeville, Phil Livingston, Morris Mashon, Masonic Dist. 2 Grand Lodge, Christine Porter, Professional Weight Loss Clinic Inc, Brenda Schmitt, Dan Schmitt, Barbara M Smith, and the Original Chookies Seafood and Oyster Bar.

Deliberto loaned himself a $5,000 during this period. According to his candidate special report, which was filed Oct. 27, Deliberto loaned himself $2,000 loan too.

According to Farris’ candidate special reports, which were filed Oct. 22 and Oct. 28, Cajunland LLC contributed $2,500; Carole Dahmer, Dominique Deblieu and Sheila Reno each contributed $1,000; and Neill Corp. contributed $500.


From Sept. 25-Oct. 14, Farris’ campaign spent a total of $23,032.93 while Deliberto’s campaign spent $5,743.69, according to reports submitted by the candidates to the state ethics board.

Farris’ expenditures during this period included canvassing efforts, $4,675; advertising, $2,609; polling, $1,625; direct mail, design and production, $10,600; cards, $373.93; consulting, $2,500; stamps, $350; and video production, $300.

Deliberto’s expenditures during this period included stakes for yard signs, $217.91; food and supplies for St. Thomas Aquinas High School Golf Tournament Sponsorship, $354.45; food after a meet and greet, $465.19; meal with supporters, 166.97; political consulting, $1,000; advertising, $2,864; sign making supplies, ink, etc., $194.77; Hammond High School football sponsorship, $250; and posts for signs, $230.40.

Farris’ campaign expenditures for the period prior to Sept. 24 totaled $35,330.76, according to the reports he filed with the state ethics board.

Those expenses included: campaign fundraiser supplies, $768.92; zip ties, $128.80; cook-up supplies, $48.71; donation to Bibleway Church, $100; A-frame supplies, $90.24; T-posts, $273.08; canvassing efforts, $550; annual membership with Hammond Chamber, $200; volunteer lunch, $18.50; T-shirts, $827.22; McWilliams and Rhoner funeral, $200; billboard, $400; fundraiser hall rental, $450; aprons- caps, $343.84; fundraiser decorations, $242.54; updated list from the Secretary of State, $98; update internet computer security, $49.24; reimbursement for Gumbo Cook-off Ponchatoula fundraiser, $300.11; push cards, $235; postcards, $235; advertising, $7,050; Tangi Lifestyle and radio spots; $1,450; Our Town and Christmas Greeting invoice radio, $700; copying services, $36; Mardi Gras Beads for parade, $65.67; jambalaya supplies for police department appreciation cook-up Covid, $257.15; bumper stickers and biz cards, $103.15; Christmas cards and business cards invoice, $161.11; re-elect stickers, stakes, signs, $1,128.23; signs, magnets, banner, $749.73; Christmas banners invoice for parade, $442.54; Strawberry Festival banners, $229.85; Lifesaver candy for North Oaks, Lallie Kemp and Acadian Ambulance Easter baskets Covid, $278.63; agency fee and design push cards and lifestyles ad, $550; pre-production, script, coordination and post production video, $450; website design production and launch, $375; web hosting, $85; production coordination, $850; Facebook boosts, $150; campaign consultation, $2,500; invoice promotional cups, $502.38; video production- two spots, $853.75; testimonials, video and audio, $5,230; bank checks order and reorder, $152.62; and signs, $5,420.75.

Deliberto’s expenditures for the period prior to Sept. 24 totaled $26,069.02, according to the report he filed with the state ethics board.

Those expenses included: polo shirts for campaign logo, $98.49; T-shirts, $1,539.51; decale and T-shirts, $836.59; ice chest for raffle, $236.39; advertising, $3,105; supplies for fundraiser, $39.33; meal with supporter, $263.10; graphic design, $2,066.50; donation to Bibleway Children Academy, $100; nails, $2.65; donation to Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa, $225; Gatorade, $3.28; donation to Hammond High Boosters, $500; checks, $56; Second Saturday Breakfast sponsorship, $400; general consulting, campaign finance and video production, $5,850; photos, $210; donation to Masonic Lodge, $100; donation to Order of the Eastern Star, $100; portable toilet for fundraiser, $95.95; donation to Seven Ten Investments Travel Baseball, $200; donation to Striker House, $150; push cards, $415.83; raffle item for fundraiser, $766.15; T post for signs, $54.03; lumber for signs, $359.02; fundraisers, $225; meet and greet fundraiser, $554.60; supplies for meet and greet, $21.87; yard signs, $1,887.40; 500 yard sticks, $943.70; metal yard sticks, $148.85; campaign supplies, $71.89; sign/ poster ink, $1,791.93; ink for sign printing, $762.01; signs, $144.46; printing supplies, $1,450.43; and printer ink for campaign, $294.06.


Emanuel Zanders and Claire Bel will be in a run-off for the Town of Amite City Council District 3 seat.

Only Bel submitted a 10th day prior to primary report. According to Bel’s report, Laura and John White contributed $250 to her campaign.

Sheila Martin and Dawn Gray will be in a run-off for Village of Tangipahoa Mayor. Neither candidate submitted any contributions or expenditures.

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