The Tangipahoa Parish School Board has approved Superintendent Melissa Stilley’s revisions to the 2020-2021 school calendar.

To make up for days missed for hurricanes Laura and Marco, school will be in session Oct. 2 and Oct. 5 which were originally planned as Fair Day and Professional Development Day. In October, the board will consider a calendar revision for the two days missed this week.

In other news Tuesday:

The school board accepted the substantial completion of gym fan additions at Independence High by H. Rocker Electric Co. and at Independence Middle by M & R Resources.

Parent Christopher Hilton asked the board to stop the football program, because it is a contact sport, and continue keeping restrictions in place at schools, or defy the governor’s order and let all students attend school full-time and continue the football program.

The personnel committee approved administration’s recommendations for 23 teachers, five curriculum facilitators and seven support staff.

Assistant Superintendent Ronald Genco said court orders were followed for teacher and curriculum facilitator sections. He specified that curriculum facilitators Erica Betts-Williams, Patricia Kimball, Sharon Philipson, Megan Pittman and Qiana Smith will not be assigned to any one site but will work with a few different sites during the day.

Finance committee members accepted two low bids for work at Chesbrough Elementary School. One was awarded to Faithful Gutters’ low quote of $10,355 for an aluminum canopy that connects the school’s new PreK modular classroom to the main building.

The other went to D & H Construction for the low quote of $23,950 for an ADA approved ramp, decking and stairs, which the new aluminum canopy will be built over, and connect it to the main building and rooms S-03 and S-04.

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