Blood donations requested


A Southeastern Louisiana University student has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery in connection with a stabbing incident on campus early Saturday, a university spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the family of LSU junior Draven Upchurch is thankful for the many blood drives being held on his behalf as he undergoes multiple surgeries.

The Blood Center is accepting donations in his name. In Hammond the address is 1116 McKaskle Drive, off JW Davis Drive. Also a blood drive, hosted by TriDelta and TKE through Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, was held Wednesday at LSU.

Upchurch suffered eight stab wounds, five making contact with his lungs, stomach and colon, according to a statement by his mother.

Southeastern spokesman Michael Beckner said a third party alerted authorities to the disturbance in Louisiana Hall about 3:30 a.m.

They arrested Elizabeth Grace Johnson, age 18, from Folsom, and took her to the parish jail, Beckner said.

Upchurch was taken to the trauma center at North Oaks hospital.

His mother, Angie D. Autin-Fasullo, said the intake surgery lasted more than four hours.

"During this time all of his blood, and then some, was put back into his body, three small portions of one of his lungs was removed, his stomach was repaired, and a small section of his colon removed," she said.

"Draven coded twice. His heart was held in the most amazing surgeon's hand and massaged back to life along with internal shocking," she said. "He was in critical condition when his father and I arrived and remained so even after surgery was complete. His chest and abdomen were left open and wound vacced.

"On April 4th, when his condition became more stable, a CT scan was performed that showed slight swelling in his brain and fluid build-up in the ventricles. These results postponed the procedure to close his chest," she stated. "A second CT scan was performed on April 5. Results were the same, but the doctors felt comfortable enough to close his chest cavity. Surprisingly, he returned from the procedure with most of his abdomen closed as well. His condition is stable and continuing to improve."

Another surgery was planned for Wednesday, she said.

Autin-Fasullo said her son was well-acquainted with the person responsible.

Th incident currently remains under investigation, Beckner said.

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Citizen Patrol

Aggravated battery? With that many injuries and stab wounds? That sounds like attempted murder.

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