A shooting at 207 Bourgeois St. in Amite Thursday resulted in the deaths of Amite residents Terrence Foster, 26, and Alvin Henderson, 29, according to Amite Police Chief Jerry Trabona.

Adrian Cyprian, 30, of Amite, was shot six times, has undergone surgery and is recovering in hospital. He was shot in his arms, his back and his side, and one bullet may have hit his lungs, Trabona said.

A person of interest was detained north of town near Lily Pad Pond by Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office, Trabona said Friday.

The motive for the shooting is not currently known, the police chief said.

Police and firefighters found Cyprian bleeding on the ground outside the Bourgeois Street house at 6:07 p.m. Thursday. He told authorities that two other people were in the house, and they found the bodies of Foster and Henderson in a bedroom, dead from apparent gunshot wounds. Authorities also found a gun on a floor in the house, Trabona said.

The Tangipahoa Parish Coroner’s Office is conducting autopsies.

Agents with the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab arrived at 3 a.m. Friday to process the scene, and town police are awaiting the forensic information, Trabona said.

Amite detectives had not yet been able to talk to Cyprian as of Friday afternoon, as he was under anesthesia. Trabona said the court cannot accept any information obtained from an anesthetized patient.

The three who were shot were not residents of the house but knew the homeowner, who was not present at the time of the shooting, Trabona said.

The person of interest, on whom Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office has seven warrants, was in possession of a gun and bullets in his pocket and a clip, Trabona said.

If the shooting is determined to be homicide, it will be the first murder in Amite since 2016 and the seventh murder case since Trabona became chief around 16 years ago, he said.

He described the area where the shooting happened as “very very quiet” and not prone to criminal activity.

“I think we have a good town here. This is not really common for us,” Trabona said. “I think every murder we’ve had since I’ve been chief has been solved. We’re proud of our record there; we don’t have a whole lot of record. It bothers you when you get a murder, especially when it’s young people like that.”

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