1 in 5 rural Louisiana households lack sufficient food

One in 7 of Louisiana’s urban households are food insufficient. That number rises to 1 in 5 for rural households. “Insufficient” means that these households have not had enough to eat for the past seven days.

The nonprofit CPEX organization in Louisiana, the Feeding Louisiana food bank network and the UrbanFootprint platform developer recently studied the most food-insecure communities across the state amid the pandemic.

Key insights:

15% of Louisiana’s households are food insufficient, defined as sometimes or often not having enough to eat. When there is enough, the food is not nutritionally adequate.

21% of Black Louisiana households are food insufficient, compared to 10% of white households.

Nationally, 16% of households are food insecure, and 10% are food insufficient.

In Louisiana, 21% of households are food insecure (a growth of 113,000 since the start of the pandemic.) 15% are food insufficient.

Feeding Louisiana is using FSI to advocate for strong federal and state hunger relief programs and to coordinate action among their member food banks.

Second Harvest, a leading food bank network, is building a partnership network to support their emergency food distribution work in 10 rural parishes, including Tangipahoa.

In communities that are food insecure, families are forced to make tradeoffs between basic needs like food, medical care, and paying for rent and utilities.

Camille Manning-Broome, president & CEO of CPEX, said, “Every one of our neighbors should have access to healthy food, healthcare, housing and jobs. To lift up Louisiana we must provide targeted support to those most in need and chart a path forward based on solid data and analysis.”

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