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In the Sicilian Heritage Festival cover story œ10 Years of Royalty, Holidays and Meatballs� in the March 7 edition of Living 12, it was erroneously stated that festival spokesperson Robin Abrams took a trip to Sicily after . . .

'Irish for a day'

St. Patrick himself was not native to Ireland - he was born in Roman Britain - and that perhaps is the best representation of the spirit of his namesake holiday.
March 17 is of course a day of pride for those with Irish ancestry, . . .

Hundreds expected at MS walk

An estimated 900 people will walk to raise more than $76,000 at Walk MS: New Orleans at 9 a.m. Saturday, March 24 at Audubon Park.
Walk MS is a chance for people to come together with friends, loved ones and co-workers to . . .

Annual crawfish boil to benefit clinic

Over 5,000 pounds of boiled crawfish and seven hours of live music on two stages will highlight a New Orleans crawfish boil next week.
Known as the "most anticipated event before festival season," the Jamie Galloway Crawfish Boil . . .


BY JILL PERTLER "Slices of Life"
Contentment. Satisfaction. Joy. Delight. Exuberance. Jubilation.
It doesn't matter what you call it. We all want to be happy. It's a pretty basic universal truth.
What makes us happy, however, is . . .

Amite Oyster Festival Schedule

Friday, March 16
Chili Cook-off
Judging results at 4:30 p.m.
Location: corner of Hwy. 51 North and West Mulberry Street
For more information, call Bruce at 985-748-9412.
North Stage - Mulberry Street
n 6-8 p.m. - Blindside
n 9 . . .

'What are Millennials?'

I was in the family room surfing the internet and listening to some classic rock 'n roll through my headphones while Rae Catherine, my beautiful wife of 49 years, was watching "Project Runway" on our giant . . .

Is Christmas over already?

BY T.J. Reid
I have to admit, I am a premium B.S.-er. (Sounds risque doesn't it?)
It means that even at my age, I am an elite-level Blake Shelton Fan Club member. Who would've thought? I love all those songs like "You name the . . .

Pearls of fashion and brunch

BY T.J. Reid
It's been a long time since I worked on anything for the oyster festival, so it has been fun catching up, bringing the history up to date and noting the changes year by year in the program and involvement.
Thirty . . .

'Slaughterhouse-Five,' eight years later

BY CALEB LAY "Millennial Matters"
Sometimes I wonder whether the high school version of myself would like the person I've become.
When I think back to the person I was at 16, I realize that I'm entirely different now. Some things . . .

Berries and beer

BY TODD DELAUNE "The Weekly Toast"
I recently wrote about a cherry-based wine produced by a cider company. This week, we will review a barrel-aged beer with raspberries.
I've written about Innis & Gunn before. They are based . . .