Relentless Church from Greenville, South Carolina, brought a truck filled with eight pallets of water as well as large containers of food, clothes and other supplies to the New Home Family Worship Center in Hammond on Thursday afternoon.

The Hammond church at 1300 Martin Luther King Drive, distributed the items Friday, said Markeshia Watson.

The South Carolina church also delivered their goods to a church in New Orleans.

Pastor Gray told a Greenville news outlet, “I’ll always have a part of my heart in New Orleans because I served a ministry there. The area, the people are so unique – it’s a critical place,” Gray said.

Pastor Nakia McKay and members of New Home Family Worship Center were thankful Relentless chose to minster to the Hammond church as well New Orleans.

Relentless Church, with five campuses and an active membership of 22,000, is a nondenominational megachurch. Pastor Gray also served as an associate pastor at a Houston church under Joel Olsteen, before taking the reins of Relentless Church in May 2018.

Earlier this year, Relentless Church provided traveled to Houston to provide food, water and plumbing supplies to residents impacted by a winter storm.

“With no power for weeks, no water, no ability to get necessities – we needed to be immediately boots on the ground,” Gray said. “And as a church that has members in that region, they need to know that they’re not alone in a time of crisis. We’re not just a church that people watch online.”

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