Covid-100 initiative meets first goal, goes for 100 more

Dr. Robert Peltier

More business leaders have stepped up to provide another 100 people with $100 each when they register and get the two-dose Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination at North Oaks Medical Center.

Ponchatoula businessman Tom Enmon came up with the idea for the Covid-100 initiative after learning that the pandemic is surging again in Tangipahoa Parish where some 70 percent of the population is unvaccinated.

The Enmon family launched the initiative Monday by donating $5,000, and Jani-King Gulf Coast matched with a $5,000 gift.

By early Tuesday afternoon, 100 people had registered for all the slots.

Soon after meeting that goal, North Oaks spokeswoman Melanie Zaffuto said another business will provide $10,000 for a second round, which means 100 more people can sign up to get cash for getting the vaccination.

The Covid-100 mass vaccination events will be held at the North Oaks Immunization Clinic, 15790 Paul Vega, MD, Drive, on July 31 and Aug. 21.

The registered participants will receive $50 cash immediately after getting the first vaccine and must return for their Aug. 21 appointment and get the second dose to get the other $50.

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Tangipahoa is No Where Near 70% vaccinated. We arent even half of that.

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