Talented Theatre students begin filming

Casiie Qualls of First Guaranty Bank presents a $1,000 check to the cast of "Winke" to help fund the Talented Theatre movie project. From left are, front row, Ms. Qualls, Kaydn Schenk, Haley Terrebone, and in the second row, Leslie Warner, Lakyn Latham, Brelyn Hughes and Jayvien Thompson.

The Talented Theatre students from Amite and Sumner high schools began filming a new season Thursday and will continue through Nov. 4.

In the movie "Winker," a child gets special mental powers after getting a concussion when a prank went wrong. She seeks revenge but learns forgiveness is the greatest power. This movie features Lakyn Lathm, Leslie Warner, Jayvien Thompson, Haley Terrebone, Jolene Relan and Emalee McCain.

"The Pageant" is about a girl with low self-esteem who enters a school pageant only to be bullied by the students and an supportive mother. She almost makes a disastrous decision. "The Pageant" features Mariah Robertson, Matelyn Titus, Emilee King, Macy Chauvin, Mary Mason, Isabel Jones and Jolene Relan.

"Not A Joke" is about revenge taken by a girl who was shamed by fellow students. It features Mia English, Lagerrica Dangerfield, Stanley William, Tyler Washington, Akyia Jackon, Zola Billing, TriDasia Dunn and Gabby Lorio.

Adult actors in the movies include Larry Gray, Kanesha Washington, Ashton Leigh, Matty Ferrarro, Sara Mikel, Monica Guilberteau, Jenny Ballard, Anne Mohana and Carolyn Ray.

The movies are being videoed by Garret Crawford. Kirk Lee of Vivid Video does the sound and editing.

The World Premiere of this year’s movies is scheduled for Feb. 6 in the Amite High Theatre.

The program is now in its 23rd year of creating movies, said Talented Theatre teacher Charley Vance.

“Every spring the students meet in screen treatments sessions to develop the plot for three movies. The stories explores social issues through comedy or drama," he said.

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