Staycation: Hungarian porcelain at museum

Hungarian porcelain exhibit at the Hungarian Settlement Museum.

As a tourist in Hungary one sees many beautiful and very appealing works of art: porcelain, pottery, embroidery, etc.

As we traveled through the country I was always interested in Hungarian porcelain.

The three most renowned porcelain factories of Hungary are Herend, Hollóháza and Zsolnay

The Herend Factory is located near Hungary’s large Lake Balaton. This company specializes in luxurious hand-painted and gilded porcelain. These designs are favored by royal courts throughout the world. A visit to the factory quickly convinced us that the porcelain is luxurious and expensive. Certain local up-scale jewelry stores carry Herend.

I also had the opportunity to visit the Hollóháza Factory in north-east Hungary. Using kaolin clay found nearby, the company makes dinnerware sets, plate sets, coffee and tea sets, sandwich and dessert sets, candlesticks, wall plates and more.

The Zsolnay Factory, based in Pecs in southern Hungary, fashions porcelains, tiles as well as stoneware. Zsolnay perfected an eosin glaze that renders the porcelain iridescent metallic. When fired at high temperatures, this porcelain becomes suitable for use as roof tiles. Buildings in Budapest such as the Matthias Church, the Hungarian Parliament and others use this tile.

Generous donors have given the Hungarian Settlement Museum a wide collection of all of these porcelains. It is one of the best exhibits in the museum.

To see this exhibit and others, the museum is open on Tuesdays and the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum gift shop also has books of local interest and other gift items. There is no admission fee; donations are accepted.

Reference: Internet Daily News Hungary World-famous Hungarian porcelains

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