The LSU AgCenter has announced two new selections for its Louisiana Super Plants program: a disease-resistant impatiens series that offers color for shady spaces and a heat-tolerant sunflower whose blooms will last into the fall.

The Louisiana Super Plants program is an educational campaign of the AgCenter that promotes university-tested, industry-approved plants.

Four new Super Plants – two for the cool season and two for the warm season – that have undergone rigorous trials at locations around Louisiana are announced each year.

“While it was a very competitive year, we have four amazing plants that we can say with confidence are at home in every Louisiana landscape,” said Jeb Fields, AgCenter commercial horticulture specialist.

The first selection is Beacon Impatiens, a series providing a wide variety of flower colors that contrast with deep green foliage.

“Impatiens have long been a staple crop for shady Louisiana landscapes; however, with our high heat and humidity that extends throughout the night, some impatiens can develop mildew issues,” Fields said. “Not the Beacons. We have mounds of color and pop in the shade without the negative disease issues.”’

The second spring 2021 Super Plant is the Suncredible Yellow sunflower, an indeterminate variety that offers mounds of flowers. It thrives in full sun and is great for attracting pollinators.

“Unlike other sunflowers, Suncredible keeps blooming and branching, allowing the flower power to last through the summer and into the fall,” Fields said. “These will not only make a statement in the landscape, but they will make your neighbors jealous as well.”

The two fall 2021 Super Plant selections will be announced later.

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