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From the pages of Hammond Daily Item

HEADLINES -- An eight-column, two deck banner headline on March 14, 1960, announces a burglar broke into the JC Penney's store on East Thomas Street and tried to crack the office safe. The top photo shows store Manager Bill Estes inspecting the damaged safe doors. The lower photo shows Hammond policeman Bob Edwards and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Deputy George McWilliams looking at the store's front door where the lock was forced open.

• Hammond police and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's deputies are continuing to investigate the burglary and attempted robbery of the JC Penney store on East Thomas Street in Hammond over the weekend. Assistant Manager H.C. Vickers discovered the breakin this morning as he opened the store. Store Manager Bill Estes said the burglar entered through the front door, wandered through the store apparently searching for the office, picked some clothes from the children's and ladies' department and finally attempted to open the safe in the balcony office. Chief Willie Thompson said the work seemed semi-professional. Evidently, the man knocked off the front of the safe and attempted drilling the thick inner door. A quarter-inch hole was left in the inner steel door. It did not penetrate the depth of the door. Deputies and policemen searched the areas where the man entered and left for fingerprints and other clues. An expert called from New Orleans this morning opened the damaged safe, and store officials found the contents intact.

Volume 1, Number 76, Monday March 14, 1960