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Charles Andrews

Charles Andrews has traveled all over North America, but no place has captured his heart as much as Southwest Texas.

Andrews, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, has been a truck driver for nearly 50 years, and he loves his job. He has worked for Dirt Cheap Building Supplies for 12 years and travels frequently to Hammond. He was in Hammond Tuesday afternoon, visiting the store's location here.

Andrews has driven trucks as far north as Canada and as far south as Mexico, not to mention across all of the United States.

"I love West Texas," he said without skipping a beat when asked to name his favorite place to travel.

He enjoys visiting the Lone State altogether, but particularly the Southwestern part with its beautiful scenery and open skies. He loves getting to see the desert landscape by the Rio Grande and the critters that call it home. He's seen jackrabbits, rattlesnakes and even roadrunners out west.

Andrews said being a truck driver is fulfilling and allows him to see much of the country, but it can be stressful too. He has to stay vigilant for long periods, and sometimes he has to deal with discourteous drivers.

"You got to be on your guard all the time," he said.

-- By Lauren Langlois