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Tony Strahan


by Connor Raborn reporter@hammondstar.com

Tony Strahan of Robert wore casual clothing and a beard Monday, telltale signs of his vacation.

A captain of Hammond Fire Department, Strahan visited his fellow firefighters at the department's central headquarters Monday while between two holiday excursions. Fire Chief John Thomas joked with him that you can always tell when a firefighter is on vacation by his facial hair.

"Every third day, you gotta shave. You gotta shave," Strahan said.

Strahan's facial hair isn't the only thing venturing out during the month-long vacation. Two weeks into his break Monday with another two left to go, Strahan had already been to Florida for a week with his wife. The pair will leave in a couple days to visit relatives in Missouri.

Closer to home, local rivers and local people are some of Strahan's favorite things about Tangipahoa Parish.

"They've got plenty of outdoor activities in the parish," he said. "I love the people. They're really friendly."

Strahan has been with Hammond Fire Department for 30 years and is part of a firefighting legacy extending into the past and future.

His father and mother worked for Hammond Fire Department for 30 years and 19 years, respectively. His son, Mark Carlisle, has been with the department for 12 years.

-- by Connor Raborn