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Holt serves up soulful vocals, bluesy guitar

BY JEFF VALLET "JayVee Music Reviews"

Adam Holt, 'Kind of Blues'

I love the blues...I love southern rock...and I love rock 'n' roll!

Adam Holt's new album is an awesome showcase of his incredibly soulful vocals and blistering blues/southern rock guitar work.

"The title, 'Kind of Blues,' is a reflection of the styles within the sound of the album," Holt states. "It has a blend of blues, country, Americana, and rock 'n' roll, tied together by contemporary blues licks. The name is also a nod to "Kind of Blue," the album made famous by Miles Davis, which I know very well. Trumpet was the first instrument I played, beginning in middle school, all the way through college. I listened to 'Kind of Blue' many nights while I worked on my analog recording gear, compressors, preamps and my tape machines, which I used to make this record."

Adam Holt's forte is in being direct with what he has to say, both lyrically and in how he responds on the guitar. As a songwriter, Holt addresses the stereotypes of women in modern society; and in the bluesy, "The Bourgeoisie," he takes a stab at corporate America and those who revel in the vanity of the spoils.

Adam brings a plate full of great songs to the table. this record is amazing!