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TrueHearts inspired on new album

BY JEFF VALLET "JayVee Music Reviews"

The TrueHearts, 'Songs for Spike'

Some records come along and touch you. Some records come along and move you, and then some records come along and slap you in the face and get your attention.

This record is inspired and strong. No song is less than inspired, and they never repeat themselves-they embrace rock, they go to the country and get pensive, they shift the focus to a piano ballad or a close-up of an acoustic guitar, but they make joyous loud noises too, a lovely and appropriate amount of it.

It's bearing up to repeated listening as a gift that keeps on giving.

The album kicks off with "Won't it Be Something," a swinging guitar descending chord progression reminiscent of "16 Tons" or a trashier version of The Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon." "Manzelle Maie" is a chugging Bo Diddley verse that roars into a chorus that grabs you like all the ones have so far. "Late July" features a gorgeous guitar figure. "32nd Street" is a free-swing rocker with shades of McMurtry.

Every one of the songs on this record is solid. No fluff to be found on this jewel. The TrueHearts are staying true to their music, and we get to sit back and enjoy the songs that hit you right where it counts. Very strong record!