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Contact Information

Office hours
Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Located at:
1010 CM Fagan Drive, Suite 105
Hammond, LA 70403

Phone: (985) 254-7827


 Publisher/General Manager

Michelle Gallo  Phone: 985-254-7801mgallo@hammondstar.com


Editor: Lil Mirando  Phone: 985-254-7834editor@hammondstar.com
Staff Reporter: Lauren Langois  Phone: 985-254-7829staffwriter@hammondstar.com
Staff Reporter: Justin Redman  Phone: 985-254-7835crime@hammondstar.com
Staff Reporter Connor Rayborn  Phone: 985-254-7830reporter@hammondstar.com


Sports Editor: Caleb Lay  Phone: 985-254-7821sports@hammondstar.com
Sports Reporter Ryne Berthelot  Phone: 985-254-7803sports2@hammondstar.com


Account Executive: Kandi Novak  Phone: 985-254-7818knovak@hammondstar.com
Account Executive: Shawn Holcomb  Phone: 985-254-7819sholcomb@hammondstar.com
Account Executive Gina Davis  Phone: 985-254-7816gdavis@hammondstar.com

 Customer Service

Customer Service Representative Tammy Mathews  Phone: 985-254-7805classads@hammondstar.com
Customer Service Representative Robbi Giannobile  Phone: 985-254-7815dailystargraphics@yahoo.com


Circulation District Manager Catherine Massawe  Phone: 985-254-7850northdistmgr@hammondstar.com
Circulation Director Stanley Davis  Phone: 985-254-7846circdirector@hammondstar.com

Mailing Address

1010 CM Fagan Drive, Suite 105
Hammond, LA 70403